Choosing A Restaurant For Your First Date

Restaurants are the perfect place to take your first date. Your choice of restaurant can significantly affect the outcome of your day. Read this excerpt for a few tips on how to pick a restaurant for your first date. 


The restaurant must be conveniently located. Typically, it should be close to your date's home or workplace. It ensures that they have an easy time accessing the restaurant. Besides, it should have ample parking and security. If you intend to have a night out, check the location of night clubs, movie theatres or hotels. 

Check social media and the restaurant's Google My Business page to assess the reputation of the establishment. Avoid restaurants with negative reviews from previous customers. 


For a first date, you will want a restaurant that provides some privacy. As such, visit the establishment or check their website to assess the ambience. For instance, some people will want a restaurant with an open rooftop or a waterfront. The restaurant must have an appealing interior. Remember, your date could wish to take some pictures to remember the day. Check the restaurant's program. For example, some establishments will have a band during the weekend or karaoke sessions during the weekdays. Other restaurants could have celebrity chefs or barristers to make your favourite foods or drinks. 


The restaurant should serve a wide range of foods. Other than the main meals, check the starters and desserts served at the restaurant. Remember, good food will help set the right mood. Consult with your date to know whether he or she has special dietary needs. For instance, he or she could be a vegetarian or allergic to peanuts or lactose. If this is the case, ask the management to prepare a special meal for him or her. Check the drinks served at the establishment. For instance, you could need some coffee, wine, craft beers or smoothies. You should also assess the pricing policy of the restaurant. Some establishments may decline cash payments. If this is the case, remember to carry your credit card. 

Operating Hours

Most restaurants operate till late at night. However, you should check their operating hours to know when you should meet up with your date. Remember, some items on the menu may not be available if you arrive late. If you plan to visit the restaurant late at night, choose a restaurant that operates 24/7.

When selecting a restaurant for a first date, evaluate its location, ambience, menu, operating hours and the prices. Preferably, contact the restaurant's management and make your booking a few days before your date. To find the right location, talk to restaurants such as Parafield Gardens Community Club Inc.