Tips for Choosing the Best Fine Dining Restaurants When Traveling

When you're traveling and want to enjoy the best food in the area, you'll need to visit something more than a family restaurant; you'll want to look for a fine dining establishment, such as Restaurant 26. This means you'll likely get the best food in a relaxing atmosphere with a good choice of wine and even a nice view! But how do you find a fine dining establishment when you're traveling and aren't familiar with the local choices? Note a few tips to ensure you find a high-class restaurant that is sure to please.

1. Finding reviews

While it's good to find online reviews for a restaurant, keep in mind that user reviews are not the only choices you have when it comes to helping you make a decision. Look in travel guides for reviews from actual food critics or travel critics; local newspapers or city guides will usually have a section on fine dining with reviews from food and restaurant critics, so you get a professional opinion of the establishment that includes a review of the wine list, service, and everything else important in a fine dining establishment. This can give you a more well-rounded view of its quality.

2. Pictures

Always look at pictures of restaurants when choosing fine dining, but here too it's good to use discretion. Restaurants will use professionally shot photographs for their menu and for advertising, so check those online review sites and look for pictures from visitors and restaurant critics. These too will be more well-rounded and honest than pictures the restaurant may use on their website as part of their advertising. They can also give you a better idea of the actual view you might get from the restaurant, if you're looking to really relax while you dine.

3. Getting recommendations

When making reservations at your hotel or elsewhere, you might ask for recommendations as to the fine dining in the area. Your hotel clerk will usually know what restaurants are frequented by guests and which get good reviews from them, and which are actually disappointing. Some hotels and motels may also have a rapport with fine dining establishments so that they know what's on the menu, of any specials they offer, and so on; this allows them to recommend the best to their customers. There is nothing wrong with asking the front desk clerk about their recommendations when you check in or when you call for reservations, or note if there are restaurants recommended on their website which are nearby and which get good reviews from other guests.