Tips on How to Choose a Healthy Chinese Take-Out

Weekends are the perfect time to chill with friends and watch movies. This is because all of you are off from work then. These moments can be fun, but at the same time, you could all feel lazy to prepare a meal.  The best thing for you to do is to get a Chinese food takeaway from a restaurant, and the meals will be delivered to your doorstep. A Chinese restaurant could be the best option since they have good comfort meals. Although takeaways are very convenient when you are not in a position to cook, they are not always healthy. Some take-outs may contain more fats and salt than one is supposed to consume in a day.  Too much salt and fats may lead to various diseases. The following are tips on the foods that you should avoid when ordering a take-out.

Avoid egg rolls

You should avoid egg rolls and instead opt for egg drop soup as your appetizer. This is because egg drop soup is light. You would not want to get full on soup alone before taking your main meal. Moreover, egg rolls have more calories on each serving compared to egg drop soup. Egg drop soup is perfect to avoid the intake of too many calories.

Avoid deep-fried dishes

Steamed dishes are always the best. This is when you compare them to deep-fried dishes. Deep-fried dishes have more calories which is risky to your health. They contain four times the calories the steamed dishes have. You should therefore go for steamed dishes like the spring rolls and have them accompanied with a lot of vegetables.

Order oyster sauce

When ordering a take-out from a Chinese restaurant, you could always be tempted to order sweet and spicy chicken. You should instead opt for oyster sauce since it has fewer calories and sugar, and it is light. Since your health is your priority, you should not think twice about ordering this sauce.

Avoid beef and broccoli

You should avoid getting beef and broccoli due to the high percentage of salt in it. Too much salt intake is not good for your health, and this is something you would definitely want to avoid. You should instead opt for shrimps with vegetables and brown rice. Brown rice is the most preferred compared to fried white rice. When ordering shrimp, you can also get the black sauce to add flavor to your meal.